Clare Horrell

Clare joined the RFT in 2015 to manage the Just Growth programme. Prior to that she worked for Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming for over seven years overseeing a number of grant programmes for community food enterprises. She is now one of their Trustees. Before working in the charity sector, she owned and ran a restaurant, was a founding member of a community Fairtrade café and worked in finance on a currency fund at Deutsche Bank.

Robert Fraser

Robert is an Executive Director of the RFT and has been involved in many of the RFT’s projects and programmes, including the Oxford Real Farming Conference, the College for Real Farming, and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology for Sustainable Farming. However, most of Robert’s time has been spent exploring and developing novel ways to support the sector, both in terms of financial support and business mentoring and Robert has been leading on the development of the Loans for Enlightened Agriculture Programme (LEAP). Robert is also a livestock farmer so has a broad and deep understanding of the sector and the challenges it faces. Prior to farming Robert was an environmental and management consultant for Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and PA Consulting Group. During this time, he advised businesses, governments and other institutions on various issues, including strategy, business planning, financial modelling and performance improvement.

Ruth West

Ruth has a lifetime’s experience with NGOs at home and abroad with a special interest in indigenous cultures and traditional medicine. Since the outset in 2010 she has been the principal organizer of the Oxford Real Farming Conference and is coordinator of the Real Farming Trust, with a special interest in helping to fund new projects. She also helped to set up and to run the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology which aims to introduce agroecological thinking into mainstream British politics.

Our team is supported by LEAP’s Investment Committee, the current composition of which can be found here.