Are you looking to Invest?

The original aim of FEA was to create a fund to support food and farming projects in the UK. As a first step, we decided to move from “Fund” to “Funding” in our name, and to assist projects to access the funds they need. We have done this by providing them with advice on their business model and strategy, and by assisting them with advice and contacts to access appropriate funds. A number of the expert members of the network have provided advice and support and some are also interested in finding suitable projects to invest in on appropriate terms.

We are now exploring a number of ideas around how to provide land and money for agro-ecological enterprises through:

  1. A early stage small grants/loans fund;
  2. A “next stage” growth/development fund for larger loans with possible grant finance attached before full investment readiness is reached;
  3. A land purchase fund

If this is of interest to you, please get in touch using our contact details below.