Please note that the Just Growth has now closed and is no longer accepting applications

Just Growth was a funding programme designed to encourage the growth of community based food and farming projects.Just Growth logo - 25ppi-2
The aim of the programme was to support social enterprses that are producing food in a environmentally and socially just way – hence Just Growth.

The programme was delivered by FEA working in partnership with Community and Co-operative Finance (CCF) and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation to deliver this project.

About the funding

The funding package was made up of one third loan financing from CCF and one third grant funding from Esmee Fairbairn. The remaining third of the funding had to be raised by the project itself from its local community through vehicles such as crowdfunding or community shares. The release of the loan and the grant was contingent on the projects raising the necessary community finance.

In addition to the funding package, successful projects received upto 3 days of specialist advice to support their work.

Just Growth projects

40 projects applied for the Just Growth programme. From these, the following projects were funded through the programme

In addition, the following projects received specialist support to help them in their onward development:


Read about some of the experiences from the projects in the Just Growth programme:

  1. Learning from the Field: the joys and sorrows of setting up a community food enterprise
  2. Top Tips from the Just Growth programme
  3. Share offer documents from the Just Growth programme
  4. Impact toolkit

We are currently developing a new loan financing programme which will launch in 2019.

Just Growth was a programme run in partnership by:

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